Brett Senna - Digital 01 Media Bay Area UI Designer

Brett Senna

San Francisco Sr. Web and UX Product Designer

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Brief Biography

Brett Senna was born on October 4th 1988 as a dedicated artist. Pursuing black and white photography in high school led Brett to practice arts as a profession. With an entrepreneur spirit Brett questioned how photography could be monetized. I found that digital publishing and print with graphic design was my next level to improve my visual communication skills.

With several years behind the computer and camera, it was time to present an array of professional practices. Brett Senna assembled Digital 01 Media as a one stop digital media solution for small and large business. With an Associates degree in Visual Communications from an award winning design shop that provided real work experience Brett searched for his next challenge in art! After his Associates Degree, Brett was achieved a Bachelors degree in Web Design with Graphic Design a 2nd option. As a senior in college ReadyTech hired Brett Senna as part time UI Developer. Proving to be a quick learner and valuable asset to ReadyTech he was presented an annual salary at ReadyTech as UI Developer working on PHP and Java web applications. Moonstone Interactive contracted Brett Senna in 2014 to be a front end web developer in charge of customizing various CMS platforms with responsive design and semantics. Brett's dynamic portfolio will continue to evolve with his ambitious plan to work on leading edge technology.

Case Studies

ReadyTech STEP Portal Marketing Site

STEP Marketing Site Presented by ReadyTech - Web Master

ReadyTechs newly released e-learning web application needed a marketing site to educate people about it's features. A Bootstrap responsive web site was developed with SEO and accessibility in mind.

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Dirty Water SF - Web Master

Dirty Water SF - Web Master

Dirty Water SF is located beneath Twitter headquarters in San Francisco California. Their chefs are world renown and have a wide selection of group or entree plates. There are a bevy of beers and wine to choose from too! As Web Master I developed a responsive site using Wordpress and thoroughly optimized it for search engines SEO.

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Jesse Lopez Digital Marketing Strategy

Jesse Lopez Marketing Strategy - Brand Identity

Jesse Lopez a talented musician from Hollywood California needed a marketing strategy to assist with his album release. Endless Road by Jesse Lopez needed a marketing strategy to promote his first album. Brett Senna came up with a strategy using a mobile web site complete with SEO, personalized "JL" logo, QR business cards, photoshoot, design and print production for his album "Endless Road."

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ReadyTech Audio Client and Remote System Viewer

Instructor led Training Portal - UI Engineer

UI/UX Front End Design for ReadyTechs Instructor Led Training portal. The Portal runs on NGINX rather than Apache web server. It is a Bootstrap responsive application that uses Composer to assemble dependencies and develop the application. PHP cli and PHIng build the application each time. It uses node.js and a JSON API. Arranging these technologies up locally to pull a GIT repository which I can develop the Front End HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

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ReadyTech Audio Client and Remote System Viewer

ReadyTech Software Icons - Brand Identity

ReadyTechs newly developed software needed icons for desktop and short cuts. ReadyTechs Audio Client enables audio voice chat through their remote systems. The RT Viewer is a piece of software that allows remote access to ReadyTech remote systems through the web browser. The ReadyTech viewer is aimed at enabling 3D rendering on remote systems, something only possible before at a high price. After some research I designed these icons and made them for desktop and shortcuts.

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All Vehicle Storage 4 U, San Leandro CA

All Vehicle Storage 4 U - Web Master

Web Master for All Vehicle Storage 4 U based in San Leandro CA. As web master Brett Senna is responsible for maintenance of SEO. All Vehicle Storage 4 U is a mobile, tablet, and desktop site using the Zurb Foundation responsive framework. PHP contact form, responsive design, HTML5 and CSS3 all make this an exciting project to display.

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5thDust - UI Designer/Marketing

5thDust is a social media network for those in the fields of health and wellness. Working besides the president of the company to help market and develop the 5thDust platform. Using QR codes and analytics 5thDust would see how the marketing would benefit with increased site users and visitors. Some tasks I was responsible for include updating HTML on pages, styling content, flash animation, and front end development.

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Dr. Kyle Van Brocklin Canyon Lakes OMS

Canyon Lakes OMS - SEO & Web Master

Dr. Van Brocklin at Canyon Lakes has hired me to launch and optimize Canyon Lakes OMS. This is a on going task, continually changing key words and analyzing visitor statistics.

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Work Experience

Web Master and SEO - Dirty Water SF (2015 - Present)

Dirty Water SF needed a customized responsive Wordpress site up in a short time frame. With a brief consultation I was able to determine the elegant, simplistic design, raising attention to restaurant photographs and context. The site was complete in a 3 week sprint, on time and budget. Web master tools have been implemented for search engine optimization and 3rd party site conversation analysis. Monthly updates to the media page as well analytics reports keeps Dirty Water SF a on going project.

Front End Web Developer - Moonstone Interactive (2014 - 2015)

Moonstone Interactive is one of the best digital media agency's in the Bay Area. You may ask why? Moonstone has clients that need dynamic web sites and web applications which are designed to be responsive. Moonstone also customizes content management systems for small and large companies then trains staff to update it themselves. Much of the design and development revolves around desktop's, tablets, and mobile devices. As web developer I use responsive design techniques to work across multiple platforms such as smart phones, tablets, and desktop's.

UI Developer - ReadyTech (2012 - Present)

UI (User Interface) Developer and Web Master at ReadyTech. I am responsible for working beside backend developers to maintain web and desktop applications for hosted remote on line IT training. As well I am web master and responsible for their main marketing site at Technology used are PHP, .jsp, nginx, .jsf (primefaces), javascript, and front end HTML/CSS. Two of the main web applications include and I work in a team environment using Tortious/Git subversion to update and commit code. ReadyTech provides hosted Online IT training for companies such as Google, HP, and BMC software. ReadyTech uses state of the art virtualizastion technologies such as VMware, ESX, and dedicated raw hardware to assemble resources for Online hosted IT training classes.

Consultant (UI Designer/Marketing) - 5th Dust (2011 - 2014)

5thdust is a social media web application for Providers (professionals) and Seekers (prospects) in the fields of holistic health and wellness. I was responsible for designing web application templates, making marketing material to track with analytics, and creating flash/web animations. I coded in HTML, CSS, PHP, and front end javascript interactivity.

SEO & Web Master - Canyon lakes OMS (2010 - 2015)

Dr. Van Brocklin at Canyon Lakes has hired me to develop and optimize Canyon Lakes OMS. This is a on going task, continually changing key words and analyzing visitor statistics.

Sole Proprietorship - Digital 01 Media (2009 - Present)

Digital 01 Media, your zero to one stop digital media experts. I have assembled the best of my academic and professional portfolio, using my web skills to present myself as a motivated professional. I have always had a strong business set, assembling my own company allows me to consult with other artists and developers to help with contracted jobs. This site will continue to evolve with my professional practices.

Web & Graphic Designer - VCOM Studio (2008 - 2009)

Award winning design shop at Las Positas Junior college provided real world work experience as educational curriculum. My small team of 4 classmates worked together to redevelop the VCOM studio site. The flash animation needed to be skipped and played again. Tasks assigned included flash banner, web development, photography, and rich textual content was generated for this successful redesign.