Services Digital 01 Media

Digital 01 Media services include Graphic Design, Web Development, UI Design and Digital Marketing

Web Development

CMS development such as Wordpress, Drupal and single page web applications.

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Graphic Design

Corporate branding identity stationary including guide lines and restrictions of use.

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UI Design

Prototype, wire frames, user experience research, development, and testing of web applications.

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Digital Marketing

Marketing strategy including stationary and web presence to best suit your company.

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Responsive Web Development

Responsive web development accommodates for any device or screen size. From desktop, to tablet, down to the various smart phones. Responsive design enhances the users experience and increases the likely hood of a higher page ranking on search engines like Google.

Web hosting is available for a monthly fee if not already established. Some development of web applications and Content Management Systems require certain hardware. What ever the requirements are for your stack of software, it can be arranged.

Smart phones are reinventing the connection between companies and their customers.Rich Miner (Android Co-Founder)

Corporate Branding and Identity

Corporate branding needs to stay cohesive through out marketing so that it is distinguished from other companies. It's important that as your company evolves the branding to your company stays consistent.

Branding identity style manuals make it possible for marketing rules when representing your company. This style guide will save time and effort when generating more marketing material. Branding guides are designed to speed production of in house or contractors work with your businesses branding style.

Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room.Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO)

User Interface Design

User Interface design is a unique creative process. Interface Design involves technical skills, creativity, and problem solving. Creativity fuels collaboration over a white board or wire framing tool moving boxes that represent containers of application modules. Then taking these modules and conceptualizing it into functioning prototypes.

This process is driven by the user's experience research. Research includes how the user navigates the application, where the user spends most their time, and application load speeds. This remains a ongoing process, to continue enhancing the user interface.

Very often design is the most immediate way of defining what products become in peoples minds.Johnny Ive (Apples Chief Design Officer)

Digital Marketing Strategy

In the twenty-first century your web presence can greatly impact your business success. Social media marketing has now become its own degree in education, being able to attain a Bachelors degree in social media marketing. Your social media existence educates those who follow your social networks. This data is interpreted as a conversion rate to be visually presented and analyzed on performance.

Digital marketing strategy includes valuable research that your company will benefit from and continuously generate. A unique marketing strategy raises your company above industry standards. Marketing strategy integrates research with several aspects of design to target and reach your targeted audience.

Create something people want to share.John Jantsch (Marketing Consultant)

Web Design/Development

From photoshop pixel perfect design to responsive development for any project.

Brand Identity

Developing your companies branding across stationary and future projects into a guide.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Web Master tools for major search engines. Google analytic reports and addwords campaigns.


Professional strobe lighting equipment for product, corporate or event photography.


Writing with SEO in mind. Content writing for search engine optimization.

User Interface Design

Mock ups, wire frames, and prototypes for web applications or software. This is an essential piece to the creative process.

Image Manipulation

Magical image manipulation for public relations or unique graphics.

Social Media Maintenance

Monthly maintenance for social media such as Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Marketing Strategy

Don't loose your great product to inefficient marketing costs. Consultation and services provided at Digital 01 Media.